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11 Marketing Growth Metrics That Matter To Small Businesses


I'm quoted on how to ensure your marketing and sales functions are aligned and in harmony:

"Ultimately, sales is the most important metric for any business, large or small. It doesn’t matter how much brand awareness you have, it’s critical to push customers through the funnel effectively and efficiently. Simply put, any metrics that focus on revenue growth are important. If it isn’t bringing in business, don’t do it."


11 Digital Marketing Communication Tips to Increase Conversions


I'm quoted on how to amplify messaging and improve conversions through digital marketing. 

"The best way to increase conversions is to look at the data and see what your areas of improvement are. If it’s open rate, for example, focus on pithy, curious or even quirky subjects lines to spark interest. If it’s conversion rate, make sure the CTAs on your landing page are visible, compelling, and consistent. And always remember, you are solving a problem for your customer, not talking about yourself. Focus on solutions, not accolades."

Referral Rock

Proven Ways for Developing a New Brand Strategy


I'm quoted on how brand purpose can drive your brand strategy:

“It’s critical to articulate the higher purpose of your brand in your customer’s life. It’s not just about what you are selling, it’s how you are improving your customers’ lives. If you can effectively define that, then you’re halfway there.”


Over 50% of Customers Will Buy From a Brand With a Strong Personality


I'm quoted about why brand personality and effective branding matters:

"Effective branding is less about having a strong personality online and more about having a distinct personality that makes sense, given what the product or service is selling. The most relevant the brand is to the consumer and followers set of values, the more likely they are to follow. I don’t care how a brand speaks – I only care if they are doing it memorably, consistently, and aligning with their brand values.”


Brand Strategy Made Easy: Start Marketing Your Library Today

The Library Advocacy & Funding Conference 

The LAFC asked me to present easy-to-understand, actionable tips and practices for librarians to market themselves better so they can get the resources they need.

"Marketing your library can feel daunting. Even overwhelming. You know you need to do it, but aren't sure where to start, or what channels to use, or how to even know if you're doing it right."

Beyoncé’s Loyal Tribe and Unbreakable Brand

Beyoncé’s Loyal Tribe and Unbreakable Brand


Making the Brand, Marketing with a Pop Culture Twist


The indelible Brianne Fleming had me on her podcast to speak all about one of my favorite topics – Beyoncé – and lessons we can learn from her branding prowess.

OnDeck-Barbara Corcoran Partnership

The Value, Mechanics, and Advantage of the OnDeck-Barbara Corcoran Partnership


I spoke with Allen Taylor about how strategy and positioning behind OnDeck’s partnership with Barbara Corcoran.

"Our goal now is to double down on the area where she is back,” Solarz said. “She is strong on advice so we package our strategy to focus on that. Since she is a true small biz advocate, SME owners are responding to what she has to say.”

The Alternative Lending Report

The Alternative Lending Report


I'm quoted about OnDeck's partnership strategy on page 19.

"Solarz said that OnDeck has been focusing on collaborating with brokers “whose values we’re aligned with. Some brokers are better than others. Over the last three to five years, we’re work- ing with a smaller number who exhibit much stronger quality.”

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