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Want to Grow Your Brand and Acquire More Customers?

Good news - I can help.

I empower companies to reach their most valuable audiences with effective communications and campaigns that get results.

Kimberly Solarz Gordon Marketing Consult

Hi, I'm Kimberly!

I am an enthusiastic marketer who believes the best brand strategies are equal parts heart and data. For over twelve years, I've been successfully helping brands endear themselves to their most relevant audiences as both a consultant and on the inside.


I can work independently, within a team or on behalf of an agency to meet and exceed marketing goals. My strengths include setting brand strategy, negotiating and managing partnerships, and creating large-scale brand executions. I'm also highly skilled in digital marketing, event management, and marketing communications.


Improve brand likability

I can create well-developed and targeted content to increase and improve your brand's personality.

Launch 360 marketing campaigns

I have deep expertise in traditional and digital marketing and can tailor a plan that best works across your customers' buying journey.

Decrease cost per acquisition

I know how to ensure you are bringing in the right customers, at the right price, and on the right channel. 

I can help you with all of this – and more.

Lets discuss your unique branding needs today.

What kind of branding can I help you with?

What I Do

The Best Brand Strategies Are Equal Parts Heart & Data

If you want to continue meeting your goals, you need to create assets that resonate with your ideal customer AND run data analysis on them to see what’s working and what needs improvement.


I help my clients effectively reach their target audience and continuously optimize their efforts based on what the data says.

Heart & Data

I drive meaningful and measurable results for my clients.

By the Numbers

Secured 3 major fintech clients in my first year as a consultant

Negotiated over $200,000 in advertising dollars for podcast client

Increased brand awareness by 50% for fintech client

Managed a budget of over 

$5 million for fintech client


“Kimberly is intelligent, efficient, and always gets the job done. Her great mind helped close and manage the sponsorship of Business Unusual, and my team is tremendously appreciative of her efforts.”



Awards, Certificates & Education

  • 2020 Rising Star Nominee - Los Angeles Business Journal Women in Business Awards

  • EverwiseWomen Leadership Program

  • Digital Marketing Institute - Certificate in Digital Marketing

  • Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School of Management: Certificate in Brand Strategy  

  • University of Michigan – BA, Economics

  • For my full resume, check out my LinkedIn page.

Resume, Education & Certifications
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