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I help early-stage startups accelerate the path to reliable revenue by designing winning customer experiences from first impression to renewal and beyond.

Building a memorable brand isn't about your logo.

Kimberly Gordon

Nice to meet you.

I've successfully helped brands endear themselves to their most relevant audience on both the inside and as a consultant for over 15 years.


And, I can help you do it too.

Every brand must drown out the sea of competitive noise. My experience gives me an edge in explaining why your brand is relevant to your most important customer and materially better than the current alternative.

Set Brand Strategy

The journey from idea to launch is messy. I thrive creating launch plans and campaigns for first-time and early-stage founders and new teams coming out of stealth mode and are eager to make a splash. 

Go Zero to One 

Smart brands know how to incorporate the “touchy-feely” side of branding (heart) along with crucial KPIs (data) your cap table cares about. Let’s build a holistic and well-understood plan to budget for acquisition, retention and advocacy efforts.

Happy Stakeholders

I helped grow OnDeck (now NYSE: ENVA) and Bain Capital Ventures (BCV) marketing teams from early days to established marketing machines across every customer touchpoint. I can help you do the same.

Build The Team

From launching new brands, refreshing well-loved ones and developing product narratives and launches, embedding with ambitious founders and marketing leaders to solve business challenges is my true passion.

How I Work

Client Types

Founders at Early-Stage Startups

Heads of Marketing for Series A - C

Marketing Partners at Venture Capital Firms

Chief Marketing Officers for Established Brands

Boutique Agencies and Designers

I've solved marketing challenges ranging from creating brand narratives and building teams to designing websites and launching campaigns with measurable results for my clients.

Body of Work

Happy Clients

"I've hired Kimberly twice, most recently at Bain Capital Ventures (BCV), where she quickly moved from a pinch-hitting consultant to Head of Brand Marketing by expertly marketing the fund itself, guiding us through a rebrand, establishing early brand best practices, and piloting in to provide strategic guidance for startup founders from seed through growth across the entire portfolio. I highly recommend her to startup founders, marketing leaders and other VCs eager to build marketing functions from scratch to scale."

Noah Breslow

Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, Former OnDeck CEO

"I worked with Kimberly as a consultant and as a full-time employee, and in both roles, she brought an incredibly clear vision for how brand marketing can and should function. She excels at putting together impactful - and just the right amount of ambitious - marketing plans and seeing them through to fruition. So if you want to capture your brand's voice and have a little bit of fun at the same time, she's the one that can get it done."

Paraag Sarva

CEO & Co-Founder, Rhino

"We've hired Kimberly several times for brand & business strategy, and she has an uncanny ability to dive into large swathes of complex information & data to produce a simplicity and clarity that so many businesses need in the market today. She's an expert at building consensus among the team, a rare and impactful quality that, coupled with the exceptional and highly usable work she produces, makes Kimberly your unstoppable secret weapon."

Rachel Renock

CEO & Creative Director, Wethos

Happy Clients

"Kimberly is intelligent, efficient, and always gets the job done. Her great mind helped close and manage the sponsorship of Business Unusual, and my team is tremendously appreciative of her efforts."

Barbara Corcoran

Real Estate Mogul & Business Expert

"I've hired Kimberly many times over the years - and will continue to do so - as on-demand account management and marketing talent for my agency, The Ricciardi Group. Her strengths lie in clearly and effectively articulating a brand strategy and how to put that narrative to work in channels that bring real results. She gets to work fast, asks meaningful questions, and, most importantly, keeps my clients engaged and happy."

Marisa Ricciardi

CEO & Founder, The Ricciardi Group

"With Kimberly's guidance, we went from a company that had challenges articulating our brand and value proposition to a company that had people saying, "I don't need to see your presentation; I went to your website and know what you do." She created and led our team through an overhaul of our brand strategy and identity which drove significant increases in website traffic and Linkedin engagement. "

Peter Rice


Happy Clients

"I have worked with Kimberly on a wide range of projects over the years, including the planning and execution of my firm’s annual investor meeting – our most important event of the year. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but she is a safe pair of hands who can be trusted to manage nuanced challenges with aplomb." 

Dan Jacobs

Principle, Clayton, Dublier & Rice

"Kimberly has a rare ability to synthesize the hard and soft sides of performance marketing: she can manage bottom-line metrics as well as anyone, and she orchestrated the best brand-enhancing creative process we’ve ever been a part of. This is a case we continually refer back to, and a template we try to encourage other clients to follow. Our collaboration with Kimberly was among our most productive, largely due to her ability to see how all the pieces of a marketing portfolio fit together and to coordinate them for continual growth." 

Sean Odlum

Partner, Bliss Point Media

"Kimberly was instrumental in steering the launch of my startup, Contextual AI, during her time at Bain Capital Ventures. She was the glue between brand strategy, content creation, and visual design to ensure our launch drove buzz and interest in our brand and product. I highly recommend her to first-time and early-stage founders."

Douwe Kiela

CEO at Contextual AI / Adjunct Professor at Stanford University

I can work with your brand independently, within a team, or on behalf of an agency to meet and exceed marketing goals. 

Let's discuss your unique branding needs today.

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